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Carreau Diamond Painting

Diamond Art Kit 'Purple Beach'

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As the waves of time wash everything away and you stay still, let the Purple Beach wash away all of your worries too. Hear the sounds of the ocean, imagine rays of the setting sun reflecting in the water and enjoy the peace that is within you. 

Artwork: © Sandra Pawlowska.
All Rights Reserved.

Coverage: Full Drill
Level: Beginner friendly with 19,200 diamonds
Size: 11.8 x 15.7” (30 x 40 cm) + margins
Diamonds: Square with 28 colors

This item ships from the USA and is available only for US customers. Please allow 2-5 business days for standard shipping or choose the priority option.

Find inner peace and joy

Did you know that diamond painting reduces stress and trains you to focus? Similar to meditation, diamond art also allows you to switch off your brain from other thoughts and be present in the moment. In addition, focusing on a task for a long period of time has been shown to improve concentration and refine motor skills.

Feeling Artsy?

Creation has never been easier and more blissful! You don’t have to be an artist – all you have to do is placing the drills in the right spots according to the key and you'll be rewarded with a colorful painting covered in shimmering diamonds that sparkle stunningly with every ray of light bouncing off of them. 😍

Carreau Diamond Painting™ Difference

We believe that good tools are half the work. Let us take care of this part.

  • Shimmering Rhinestones



    Our 5D Diamonds have more facets on each side to ensure more depth in your painting so that you can enjoy vivid, sparkling images which won't fade away with time. They are shiny, bright, and closely match the original DMC colors.

  • Velvety-Touch Canvas



    There's nothing worse than gems popping off from the canvas once you've put all the effort to complete it, right? That's why we manufacture kits covered with a layer of poured glue which provides the longest-lasting hold and an easy application.

  • Ultra-Sharp Symbols



    We're proud that our customers repeatedly mentioned our symbols as one of the cleanest they've ever seen! They have been carefully selected for the best contrast which results in readability and are easy to see even without a light pad.

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What is in my kit?


- Velvety-Touch Canvas with Scalloped Edges

- Set of Sparkling Diamonds (+30% extra)

- Inventory Sheet with Step-by-Step Instructions

- Applicator, Tweezers, Wax, Tray

- Exclusively Licensed Design

How to use?

  • 1. Take out the inventory

    The kit should contain canvas, tweezers, applicator, wax, plastic tray, beads, and an inventory sheet with instructions.

  • 2. Organize

    Pour gems of one color into a tray. Give it a shake. Get a bit of wax at the end of your pen and start picking diamonds.

  • 3. Peel back a film on the canvas

    It is better to do it partially on the areas that you are currently working on rather than remove it all at once.

  • 4. Check the key on the side

    Numbers and colors on the list in an inventory sheet correspond to those printed on the canvas. Find them.

  • 5. Begin pasting diamonds

    The canvas already has an adhesive. Make sure you're pasting gems in the right spots referring to a key.

  • 6. Let the diamonds settle

    Press the canvas down with your hands (or use a roller). You can frame and share your work now!

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