Our Story


Offer the tools to help people find therapeutic experience in the art of crafting; make a positive impact on the community.


Focus on the beautiful, unique, and fresh design that would inspire people to start creating; support artists and designers by using only legally licensed graphics.

carreau diamond painting story

Childhood Memories

Sometimes we might think to ourselves that we have lost something important when growing up.

It all started almost twenty years ago with two kids playing on a carpet, with a loving grandma always sitting nearby and smiling proudly upon them. Those kids never really got to experience solitude, exclusion, boredom nor futility whatever the circumstances, because they were too occupied with sandpainting, glass painting, plaster casting kits, blow markers, or plasticine modeling – toys given to them by someone who cared. As long as they had a chance at sculpting their own reality and making sense out of their surroundings through the art, the kids felt less overwhelmed with the world and more secure. Like they could achieve anything they wanted and the world could be shaped with the power of creativity.
In one way or another, it could be a nostalgic story about any of us – a carefree child doing fun activities involving arts and crafts, a joy brought by making something meaningful to you with your own hands. Time does not stop, the world keeps on growing and moving sometimes even too fast: that is when we might feel out of place, missing much simpler days. Our company strives for bringing those childhood memories back: art lessons from school, the excitement of unboxing colorful crafting kits, the pleasure of doing something just to enjoy the process, no matter the outcome.

We want you to recall that freedom of expression with us while discovering the world anew through fun!


Home is wherever we feel like we belong.

Our company started with incredible family support, that is why we now aspire to give the amount of positivity we received back to you through our service. Diamond painting is not only a therapeutic experience for you, but it could be also beneficial for those you consider close – take our kit when visiting your friends to spend the wonderful afternoon making it together! Share the fun by dividing workspace between all parties, get even closer while crafting beautiful images. You may also find our products helpful if sometimes you are feeling that words are not enough to express how much you value the presence of others: show your appreciation by gifting the completed paintings you made with care to your loved ones or give away our kits as perfect presents.