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Our Diamond Painting Kits allow you to become a creator yourself and easily create beautiful home decorations while having fun.

Join the community of diamond painters worldwide and start your new hobby today.

Artists appreciation

It is not possible to create meaningful artworks by stealing ideas.

Our team is dedicated to supporting artists by using only legally licensed or made in-house designs, created exclusively for you with love. We understand the artists' hard work and never use images from massively reproduced catalogues or steal artwork. Our designs are unique, colourful, and bright, reflecting both our company and our commitment to the art of diamond painting.

Here we thrive as artists.

Tell me, what is diamond painting?

Imagine Cross Stitch and Paint by Numbers with an added layer of shine. That's Diamond Art – an addicting and relaxing pastime that's captivating people around the world. Place colorful diamonds on the canvas, watching as the colors blend into a sparkling work of art. Do it solo or with loved ones, but be warned – once you start, you won't want to stop!

What is your story?

Our goal is to provide the means for individuals to find solace and wellness through art and craft, while also making a positive difference in the community. We aim to bring back childhood memories of artistic expression, and provide a fun way to engage with art.


Shall I trust you?

We equip you with specially selected and double-checked tools to guarantee you hours of fun, not frustration. Our focus on quality ensures a beautiful end product that will never lose its shine with beads securely in place. Our friendly customer service team is always ready to help with any inquiries.

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