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With our Diamond Painting Kits, you can become a creator yourself, making aesthetically pleasing home decorations easily and by having a lot of fun at the same time. No previous experience or artistic skills are required. We take care to provide you with the highest quality materials, you sit comfortably, and stress relief in the safety of your home.

Join thousands of diamond painters across the world and start your new favorite hobby today.

Artists appreciation

It is not possible to create meaningful artworks by stealing ideas.

Our design team respects what it means to be an author: we want to show support to artists by recognizing their hard work and making sure that all images printed on our canvases are either created (exclusively and with love) for you by our team or legally licensed. Every piece of work you make is important – we understand it, that is why we do NOT use pictures from massively reproduced catalogs, nor do we steal the fruits of someone else’s creation. Our original designs represent us not only as a company but also as artists, so we are always trying to make them the most unique, colorful, and bright.

Here we thrive as artists.

Tell me, what is diamond painting?

Have you ever tried Cross Stitch or Paint by Numbers? If so, now try to imagine if you could combine them both and add some extra layer of shine on the top, how would it look like? Magical and dazzling, right? Diamond Art is an addictive, yet therapeutic creative hobby that draws people all over the world. By adding colorful, sparkling rhinestones to the canvas, you can see how these colors blend together, turning into a beautiful picture that you can either complete on your own or with the beloved ones. But be careful – once you start, you can't stop your desire to move on to the next image!

What is the story behind?

Time does not stop, the world keeps on growing and moving sometimes even too fast: that is when we might feel out of place, missing much simpler days. We strive for bringing your childhood memories back: art lessons from school, the excitement of unboxing colorful crafting kits, the pleasure of doing something just to enjoy the process, no matter the outcome. Let us accompany you on this thrilling journey!


Why shall I trust you?

We equip you with specially selected and double-checked tools to guarantee you hours of fun, not frustration. We care about the overall completed product look as well as your experience, which is why we made sure that our adhesive (poured glue) is strong enough to keep your gems in place once you stick them, furthermore, our symbols are sharp, clear, and easy to read, and this is due to the high-quality printing. The canvas has scalloped edges and is soft to the touch on the back. Drills have more facets on each side to reflect light better so that you can enjoy a vivid, sparkling image that won't fade away with time after you've finished it. Our customer-friendly service will be happy to assist with any of your queries.

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